Custom Tube Sheet Fabrication

We are able to design, develop, produce and deliver your stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium custom tube sheet according to drawings, samples or just an idea.

Impressions From HZW Custom Tube Sheet Fabrication

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Custom Tube Sheet Fabrication: Strength, Durability and Safety Guaranteed

HZW stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium custom tube sheet have the features as below:

1) Bright surface finish

2) Raw material nickel alloy, titanium and stainless steel which is prime quality.

3) Uniform on the size and high breaking load to guarantee the stable. When you working with HZW, the specialty and service will impress you so much.

Your Reliable Custom Tube Sheet Fabricator & Manufacturer In China

Custom Tube Sheet Fabrication: The Complete Guide

Custom tube sheet is one of the main parts in a shell and tube heat exchanger systems.

Custom tube sheet also named tube plate, have different sizes and a series of holes are done to create a place where the tube ends are welded.

There are two types: floating tube sheet and stationary tube sheet.

Manufacturing raw material including stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, super nickel alloy, etc.

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What Is Custom Tube Sheet Used For?

Custom tube sheet is widely used in tubular heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, steam turbines, large central air conditioners, condensers, evaporators and other products.

The metal material makes it not only rigid, but also has great heat conduction performance.

The precision of tube plate processing, especially the tolerance of hole spacing and diameter, perpendicularity, and finish greatly affect the assembly and performance of the equipment listed above.

Key Consideration When Purchasing Custom Tube Sheet

Below Is One Sample Purchasing Tips For Your Reference

  • Standards: ASTM
  • Material Grade: 316L stainless steel
  • Size: As your drawing request
  • Usage: Pressure vessel
  • Production Process: CNC machined
  • Tolerance: -1mm/+1mm
  • Requirement On Properties: As your request
  • Order Quantity, Delivery Time, Shipping Method, Place Of Delivery, Packaging Requirement, etc. should be considered.

The Common Materials In Custom Tube Sheet

Custom tube sheet made of special alloy steel have high corrosion resistance.

HZW usually use different grade of titanium, nickel alloy,
duplex and super duplex stainless steel for custom tube sheet production, such as: Ti Gr1, Gr2, inconel600, inconel625, inconel690, incoloy800, incoloy 825, incoloy 800H, C22, C276, Monel400, Alloy20, 2205, 2507, 904L, 254SMO.

How To Choose Your Custom Tube Sheet Manufacturer In China?

HZW has younger, more passionate and innovating engineers team than any other existing old tubing manufacturing competitors. We keep upgrading our manufacturing equipment lines and minds to serve worldwide customers in over 60 countries.

Our goal is ensuring every user’s tubing and piping project to run more smoothly, safely and efficiently.

From experience gained in dealing with traders, end users and purchases for global bidding projects, we have managed to better our services more.

HZW will be your perfect choice when purchasing custom tube sheet.


As you have seen, custom tube sheet is widely used in shell and tube heat exchanger systems.

We have many powerful stock and manufacturing abilities of austenitic stainless steel, titanium and high quality nickel alloy are suitable for advanced industries.

From custom tube sheet fabrication and manufacturing process to end finished products, here we can deliver it according to drawings, samples or just an idea.

Let’s get a touch to resolve your custom tube sheet need.


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