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Nickel Alloy Tubes and Stainless Steel Pipes All in One Service

Our technical and industrial teams provide a pool of expertise to support you in defining your tubing project and ensuring perfect compatibility between our pipes, tubes and your projects, which guarantees our shared success.

Every single service is specifically tailored and you’re carefully supported through each phase of the process, from the initial design of the tube product to after-sales services which were established by HZW to also provide quality feedback.

New to HZW? Get started with our engineering solution and design consulting service.

From every custom pipe spool fabrication and manufacturing process to every piping solution you need, here in HZW, you can find the real partner for your project.

From custom tube sheet fabrication and manufacturing process to end finished products, here we can deliver it according to drawings, samples or just an idea.

Excellent laser cutting liberates manpower and reduces labor costs, and it greatly reduces material waste, especially for stainless steel and nickel alloy.

Providing innovative pipe bending service and complete solutions to pipe projects worldwide. Click the below link for more bending process of stainless steel and nickel alloy.

Every HZW nickel alloy and stainless steel pipes comply with global standards through our strict QC inspections, building a foundation for client trust.

HZW provides surface treatment and precision finishing services to supplement our pipes and tubes manufacturing, like polishing, brushing, painting, logo printing, etc.

Welding your nickel alloy pipes, stainless steel tubes, flanges and parts with advanced equipment. Contact the expert to take care of your welding project. Get the quote today.

HZW isn’t just manufacturing. View our link list of value added services like cad modeling, materials sourcing, testing, assembly, custom packaging, etc.

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